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A better day

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Big Russian Nesting Doll Project in full force at La Oficina. I have been working fiendishly all weekend; the only time not spent in the office has been to sleep, and there hasn’t been a hell of a lot of THAT going on in my boudoir this week.

We’ll be disappearing into a television studio for the next two solid weeks. Which is cool. I managed to pass off my daily pain-in-the-ass newsletter to the previous editor. I will enjoy not having to work on that stupid thing when I come home like I usually do. Not that I won’t be plenty busy with other stuff. I’ve said it before and I’ll type it again — my limits are VERY familiar territory, and I’m a half-step past them already.

We always wish for more time. More time to do more work, unfortunately. And even if we had it, I suspect we’d still be feeling like we’re behind the 8-ball. Or about to be crushed by a giant one. Whichever. I am already planning on being on my deathbed, wishing I’d experienced more of life. Pretty much resigned to it, really, right now.

Just got home from the office and realized I forgot to do something. Which I am perfectly (technologically) capable of doing right now. But I need some serious shut-eye to get rid of some serious baggy-eye. Last time I was in the studio, it was for half-days and they were absolutely exhausting. These are going to be full-days-plus. Again, cool shit is going on here in Russian Nesting Doll world, but BOY do we have a lot of shit to shovel into a five-pound bag.

I flipped out on the Over-Extended Houseguest for bugging me about getting the mail, buying her a newspaper and other assorted shit like buying cat litter. I mean, I leave you cash for this shit. You have nothing BUT free time. When the FUCK do I have five minutes to rub together to do your bidding? GAH. That I found 30 seconds to run to Tar-zhay today to procure T.P. for my bumhole was a fucking gold-star achievement. (Maybe I wouldn’t NEED T.P. so often if someone else in the house would buy their own and not steal it from my powder room. …) And the only reason why I went there was because there is a coffee shop next door. (Which I just learned is closed on Sundays for the summer. *headslam*)

Anyway, that’s the scoop here. In other words, business as usual!

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