4:04 (a.m.) — Sleep Not Found

Gemini from Astrocenter:

All aspects of love and romance will go especially well today, Goddess, and you might take this opportunity to make a bold move toward the object of your affection. Go with an unconventional approach and move strongly without fear. All relations with other women will go exceptionally well today. Call your mother. Nurture your romantic side and communicate your feelings to others. Love will act suddenly and unexpectedly. Go with the flow.

While I am spending my days locked in rooms with various men (all married, and thank God!), I suppose this horoscope has nothing to do with me. And I ain’t calling my mother. Who is very annoyed that I don’t have any free time to take her to an appointment an hour north of here. Because the minefield that is my life, is all my fault. Of course!

I did make a joke with the boys on Monday night. I said if we got all our shit done on Tuesday within a certain time frame, I’d happily provide blow jobs for everyone! Sadly (for them), we’re behind schedule. Happily for me, of course, if only on THAT level. 😉

If I could only describe myself in one word, I think “exhausted” is the winner-take-all. Despite working more than 50 hours this week by Tuesday night, I’m still behind the curve. I had Tweeted that I’m dropping balls like a pre-teen boy. I don’t feel satisfied after a long, hard day. I instead wonder what the repercussions will be that I forgot to do this thing or that thing that I had full intentions on crossing off my to-do list two weeks ago.

Of course, as I found last night, a dozen shots of sake can wipe away any sliver of emotion like that. 😉 But as I also found, exhaustion + “truth serum” + melancholy = my current state of affairs (er, and the lack thereof).

“How would you feel if I said I hate you
What would you dream if you’d get some sleep
Who would you blame if the world would listen
What would you change if a change was all you need
A change was all you need.”

— Mono, “Get Some Sleep”

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