Beautiful stranger 

Maybe it’s the wine talking. But I feel like I just met a potential soulmate. 

To be clear, I don’t believe in one true love. If I’m being honest, I don’t know where I stand on love at all. 

But I was walking behind two pinheads in ill-fitting suits who didn’t bother holding the door for me at the stairwell of our parking garage. 

I grabbed the door, and saw a good-looking guy standing there. I waved him out and he said me first. (Gentleman!) 

I felt like he saw my soul when he looked at me. And I felt in that moment that I had traversed oceans to meet this man.

We smiled and went about our separate journeys. But I felt forever changed after that moment. 

I often feel that my path is to work all day and return to my mother every night and weekend of my life. Then work some more to pay for that life. 

So to have a moment of magic, wow. 

Magic is still meant for me. I had forgotten what it felt like.  I’d forgotten that it’s something I had always believed was meant for me before she moved in nine years ago. That my destiny isn’t to just be worker/daughter/worrier-in-chief. 

Thank you, handsome stranger. 

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