Barack the Vote!

Barack the Vote!

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I got to my voting place at 6 p.m., about two hours after I’d planned to. But I voted right away and was pleased to see the line going out the front door of the elementary school as I frolicked out.

Folks were giving away free baked goods (and not, unfortunately, sex toys. Damn!) to voters. Trust me, the only taste I want tonight is of sweet, sweet victory.

Is there a drinking game for election night? I’m thinking a celebratory swig of pinot noir for every Obama state, and a shot of tequila or SoCo for every McCain state.

When Obama wins, bottoms up! If McCain should prevail, break the bottle over your head and pray you don’t wake up for another four years of Bush-like policies or a crazy evangelical world should McCain croak before his term is up and leave what’s-‘er-nuts in charge.

I skipped my Weight Watchers meeting tonight, thinking I would have the house to myself. You know, for the first time in 13 months. But hah, I should’ve known better. So fuck it, whoever wins a state, earns a drink from me. Let the debauchery begin! (I can weigh in NEXT week!)

And please, God, you’ve had a lot of laughter at my expense. But you also let the Steelers wipe the field with the Redskins last night (in an AWESOME game), which should ensure a Democratic victory tonight. So, you can keep tormenting me to your heart’s content. One last favor, can you let my guy win this one, too? I’ll take any victory, even if it’s by proxy. At least I’ll have a reason to get out of bed tomorrow.

It’s 7 p.m. Eastern and several polls have closed. C’mon Virginia, make me proud. … gObama!!!

One Lonely Response to Barack the Vote!

  1. chris hayes :

    I’m pleased too. Just not at the idiots honking their horns at one a.m outside.

    It’s a huge moment, but good Lord. The economy still sucks, houses are still being foreclosed, etc.

    It’s a great start.

    McCain. Good Man, just not the right one. Had he been the McCain of ’00, hell yes.