Another day ending in ‘y’

I don’t know WHAT it is about me that’s just PISSING everyone off today, but let’s consider it as me returning the favor, mmmkay? 😉

I’m in a delightful mood, independent of anyone else who lives, breathes or even so much as blinks within a 35-mile radius of me.

And I really don’t mean to be offensive. I think my litany of questions (regarding things like, oh, the status quo and the injustice of it all) are wearing people out. If all were hunky-dory, perhaps I wouldn’t be asking the questions that I’m asking, innocuous as they were intended to be, anyway.

Am rooting for a Steeler win tonight, not just because they’re mah boyz, but also because if the Redskins win, we get another four years of a Republican administration. Yay. Barf. NOT. I’m cheering extra-hard for the Steelers, since a Redskins’ opponent victory on Election Eve means Barack Obama will become President Obama.

I commend some of my friends who are writing in Hillary Clinton. Believe me, if we had a snowball’s chance of electing her that way, I’d be on board. But I’m aware that our system, flawed though it may be, is a two-party one at present. And a vote for anybody else is NOT a vote for Obama. And I can’t handle the burden if he does not become President-Elect.

Don’t get me wrong — my wounds are still fresh from the media basically telling people to stay home and not vote for Hillary back when she was running against Barack. And I know from past election experience that more people will be discouraged from visiting the polls, that votes recorded will somehow magically not be counted, that computers will go down and fairness may be lost in the ether. I ain’t tempting fate. My vote is going to be lost among a sea of blue here in the Democratic Republic of Washington, D.C., and that’s OK by me.

Until then, back to packing up my cubicle. I once said that the better my title gets, the smaller my office gets. I’m going from the Cadillac of cubicles — er, sorry, “workstations” — and going into one with an eighth of a window and one wall separating me from someone else I am sure I will come to piss off. Because if nothing else, I am an equal-opportunity offender. 😉

I have a blog post brewing about topics I should never say out loud. Which means there had BETTER be a former-department happy hour in the works SOON. …

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