So I guess I got a couple of granules of kitty litter in my pantyhose, as I thought my new high heels were what were irritating the shit out of me as I drove to work, but now that I look at it, the fucking cats leave their mark — again! *grr*

But before you can let something so trivial impact your day, you’ve got to look for the balance. A favorite colleague just left a buttload of premium cat food on my desk for my girls. Awww, how sweet is that? I wonder if it’s the recalled pet food — if so, they’re getting ALL of it tonight! 😉

In any event, unrelated but important because I am a girl and all, I just bought Bath and Body Works’ iced tea scented hand lotion. And while it’s deliciously yummy-smelling — it really does remind you of lemon iced tea — it dries out my skin more than if I hadn’t used any in the first place. What is UP with that?

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