Adventures in insomnia

I forgot to knock on wood a few weeks ago when I declared my allergies weren’t bothering me. Because now? I’m crabby and itchy and congested. Good times.

I tried to fall asleep watching TV, although laughing at the women of the “Flavor of Love Charm School” kept me awake. What I find funny is that they kick off the women with the least class. Personally, I’d kick off the well-adjusted ones (I use “well-adjusted” rather loosely, in this case) because it’s the rest of ’em who NEED some social graces.

My friend from the West Coast just called to say that my niece is channeling me. Which, duh. The first story was that the 3 1/2-year-old declared that she was taking her toy in the car. But they told her there was no room in the backseat, to which she replied, “Um, it wasn’t a question.” Ha!

But the better story, of course, was when her dad told her to sit on the couch and be still. She cocked her head, looked at him and said in a droll tone, “Eat me.”

They immediately decided she had just channeled Aunt Goddess. I guess I do say that a little often, but as I’ve never said it around the wee one, she’s just reading my mind, apparently!

I hate it that I’m so alert at night. I can’t get to sleep worth a damn. But then I drag through the whole rest of the day when I’m *supposed* to be alert. Dang it.

It’s been a strange couple of weeks, but I think equilibrium is restored somewhat. Although, did I really want to get back to status quo? Not especially, if I were to be quite honest about it. But today I sort of got a glimpse of the fact that the world’s turning at the pace it should be, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

I think I get frustrated when things don’t move at lightning speed — like a colleague and I joke, the two of us equal seven employees in any other company, we achieve so much, so quickly. I sort of expect that velocity to spill over into the rest of the world, and it drives me nuts when it doesn’t keep the pace.

But when I think about it some more, it almost seems like everything is going by too quickly, in a way. On one hand, I’m driving in the HOV lane, and other times, I’m stuck in Beltway traffic. I just try to have fun, right where I’m standing, even if it’s hard to concentrate if I’m hopping around in one place, itching to go in a direction and not knowing which one to choose and hoping that if I let it choose me instead, I can let it lead the way to wherever I’m supposed to be.

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