Back in love

First I was in love. Then I wasn’t. Now, I’m OK with being “just friends” with my new newER apartment.

Yes, I got ANOTHER apartment since yesterday.

But first, tunage. Because I Can’t. Get. This. Song. Out. Of. My. HEAD.


OK, back to the story. Last installment of this saga, I had no car. The sad part? I heard it being towed around 2 a.m. I woke up and thought, “Wow — that sounds close, like where I parked my car. Oh, well. SUCKERS!” and yelled from my bed, “SHUT UUPPPP!” to the noisy-ass towing company. Whereupon I promptly flopped back over and snoozed away happily.


Anyway, I took a cab out to Egypt this morning where the car was housed. Now, a NORMAL person would’ve gotten her Virginia inspection like a good girl. But this is me we’re talking about here.

As I was driving to work, I got the brilliant flash to call the new apartment management to ask them if they had a bigger unit. I was just unsettled about the place I’d taken — there was that big BUT hanging over my head (not to be confused with the big BUTT that I haul around behind me every day). And I had to do something about it.

Turned out, they did have a bigger unit — it’s a 1BR Deluxe. Available now. Costs $50/month more than the place I took, and THAT already cost another $70 plus utilities over the flat rate I’m currently paying.

I thought hard about that new comma. And I only had exactly one minute to make the decision.

Pros and cons: On the bad side, the sweet rent special I’d had on the already-taken unit would go away. I had a month’s rent free, spread over 10 months. The new unit would only come with a $500 discount to be taken over 10 months. But I was finally excited about this move.

So I said fuck it; I’ll take it.

And I AM happier.

Problem is, NONE of my furniture is going to get through my new doorway. Not at all. It’s this really weird-ass angle — you walk in and you’re in a tiny hallway that shoots you immediately off to your left. So, the couch can’t come with me, and I fear I will lose the beloved entertainment center, too.

Which sucks because all I will have is a fucking bed and a shitload of boxes, as I’ve already trashed the dining room set and half of the living room, I have a futon I can take, but the cats pissed on the cushion and I didn’t want to spend $200 to replace it. Perhaps I shall visit my friend eBay.

I guess this means I might have to dismantle my bookshelves, which ugh. They were a bitch to put together in the first place.

Oh, well. I’d intended to start all over again, piece by piece. I’d just been hoping to have someonething to sit on in the meantime.

It’s all good, though. I feel a THOUSAND percent better about my revised decision.

My bottom line is that I didn’t want to move again in a year. My new bedroom is way smaller, but I have an eat-in-kitchen and a dining room now, and more closet space. The place is IMMACULATE — everything is brand-new and just plain sparkling.

OK, so maybe I AM in love. Just as long as I can eventually find furniture that WILL fit through the door!!! 😀

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