Another reason why I like animals more than humans

The only joy we get out of living at this dump is feeding the ducks. Yesterday some dickhead yelled at me for doing it. I did not say “How about you clean up when your dog shits so it doesn’t bake in the sun and I have to smell it” in response, as I should have.

Today Thudercunt woke us all up around 5.a.m. with her mouth. So we went out to feed the ducks.

We have four mama ducks with babies of varying sizes. One has 10 tiny babies, another has seven slightly bigger ones, another has nine that are a little bigger, and another one has three.

Other ducks come and go. We name them. There’s Tom, who never gets any food, just like our friend Tom whose wife takes all the money and he literally starves. And then there’s Mike, named after my Mike who we always called Weird Duck (because, it fits). And so on.


Two days ago, one of the nasty stork-type birds (hate them) attacked one of the nine babies. But even though he’s hurt and limping, he tries so hard to keep up with his brothers.

He usually makes it up to our sidewalk so he can eat. But yesterday he wasn’t able to. And that makes us so sad.

Today our baby DID come up to us. We were thrilled. He’s slow and has so much trouble walking. But he did it!

And then … Maia’s dog came out of nowhere and picked him up in his mouth and tried to eat him.

He somehow got away, but was hurt twice as bad. His momma came back for him and pushed him into the water.

Mom started screaming and crying. Maia looked at her like SHE (Mom) did something wrong.

I hugged Mom. I didn’t say a word. What could you say? Maia was supposed to be my ally here against Thundercunt. But she’s just as bad as the rest of the assholes here who don’t leash their nasty dogs.

The ducks just came back for a snack. Without their little brother. He’s probably too hurt to walk now. He might even be dead.

We are so sad, we could just die. He tried so hard. He was such a happy little duckie. He loved coming to our house and eating seed.

He reminds me of my mom. Sick and can’t walk but tries so hard to be good. 

We are going away tonight. Mom hates leaving her ducks because no one else loves them the way she does. But I guess it’s good to get away and get them out of the habit of visiting us.

Maybe they will move to a better neighborhood. Lord knows we need to do the same.

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