Weekend away

Livin’ la vida Boca, but doing it in Orlando for a change. It’s momma’s birthday weekend and we were overdue for an escape from that overpriced prison we call home. 

The baby duckie died. Maia’s dog dropped him and the rains came and flooded the lake. The baby’s body floated belly-up and all the other duckies gave him his space. 

When the workday was done, I cried in the shower for a good 20 minutes. Maybe more. Maia walked her shithead dog, this time tightly leashed, and she was too busy playing on her phone to notice what had become of our fuzzy yellow friend. 

I’m haunted. But maybe it’s good for mom that we know he’s gone. She would still be worrying, hoping he would be there to greet us on Monday. 

I would never wish Thundercunt’s loud mouth on anyone. But if she happens to be in her usual fight-picking rage this weekend, i wouldn’t say I have any sympathy for Maia and her bloodthirsty dog. 

On that note, Kadie is so calm in our rented villa. She’s not jumping out of her fur and glaring at the ceiling. For a change. I love it here. And I hate going back home after this sliver of peace


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