And this should shock no one

All About Me Survey

I Am Indulging in iTunes retail therapy
I Want So much more than this
I Have To get offa my ass
I Wish Every five minutes
I Hate Waiting for justice
I Fear That the good guys really don’t win
I Hear A call to do something significant
I Search Other people for what they’re hiding
I Wonder Is this as good as it gets
I Regret Missing chances
I Love Feeling kinship with others
I Ache For a soulmate
I Always Overthink
I Usually Over-rationalize
I Am Not Indifferent
I Dance In my mind
I Sing W/windows down, sunroof open
I Never Fight for what I want
I Rarely Show affection
I Cry Infrequently
I Am Not Always As happy as I seem
I Lose My motivation
I’m Confused Why life is unfolding this way
I Need Escape
I Should Get more coffee
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