$130 later …

Dear Montgomery County Safe Speed,

Fuck you. Did you hear me? Fuck you. I don’t think you got that, so let me say it more clearly: FUCK YOU!!!!

Screw you and your cameras. I’m spreading my knees and you fuckers can eat me. And I’m not even going to wash mah coochie for a week before you do it.




I had to go to Baltimore three times in October. I got a speeding ticket on two of those three days.

But GENIUS here, well, didn’t realize that she received two separate tickets. Why? Because I was clocked in the SAME PLACE at the SAME SPEED. The third day, I took a different route, so that’s why I didn’t get three tickets.

But it gets better. I didn’t have the money to pay for the (what I thought was one) ticket, so I got slapped with a late fee. Guess what? I GOT SLAPPED WITH TWO LATE FEES.

I seriously hate the state of Maryland with the fire of a thousand suns right now.

Happy fucking Christmas to you, too, bastards.

2 Responses to $130 later …

  1. Sabre :

    OMFG… I am laughing my ass off right now. You have NO idea how much I needed that.

    I totally

  2. Sabre :


    I totally *heart* you!

    Damn you html!