‘And I feel like I’m breaking inside’

I had the first restful weekend in a year, and it’s totally shot. *SCREAM*

Am investing in a litterbox for under my desk for days like today when peeing! eating! not-doing-fewer-than-67-things simultaneously and on (past?) deadline! wasn’t feasible until 4-the-fuck-o’clock.

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I have a friend who escapes life’s hell by spending weeks at a time volunteering in impoverished countries. Yes, in a world where THAT qualifies as relaxation, there but by the grace of God go I.

I’ve also lost more vacation days than I’ve used this year. NAWT KEWL.

Seems like we’ve got to launch a new product every time I want to take a day off. And on the next day I was planning to take off (seeing as though someone who was supposed to meet me somewhere now cannot. Vague much?) to go see said person in their world, I have another f’in product launch that day.

Seriously universe, please to stop screwing with me. Kthxbai!

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