An ending, before a beginning

Yesterday, just before the BEST PARTY EVER because it was in my honor and it was attended by the most FABULOUS PEOPLE ON THE PLANET, my darling V. had sent me this note about the universe and stars and planets and such. (I love these things.) …

“Be prepared for startling news, surprises and shock waves as the Sun makes its annual union with Uranus in Pisces (6:28PM PDT). Uranus can also represent the joker, wild card or something unusual coming out of left field. It is advisable to expect the unexpected for several hours before and after the Sun conjunction with this planet of revolutionary events and radical changes.”

I wouldn’t say I had any real shocks. OK, well maybe a few. But everything was good and fabulous, so I’m thrilled that Uranus and Pisces weren’t conspiring against me and were actually helping a sister out. 🙂

Surprisingly for me, I didn’t take photos last night. Honestly, I figured I’d just be bawling the whole evening as everyone told their favorite stories about me and supplied me with liberal amounts of my favorite pinot noir. But I did OK for me and that’s all I could ask. I’ll never forget all the love in that room; it’s nice to transition from sad tears to happy tears!

I’m having the world’s best IM conversation with someone over the “hedge” between our cubes. Usually we work a thousand miles apart and it’s so nice to hear my friend’s laughter again. All I gotta say is “laundry” and “so that’s what they’re calling you now.” 🙂

And that, in and of itself, just goes to show that while I’m leaving my friends 1,000 miles behind geographically, our friendships are rock-solid and will last through the next dozen hurricane seasons. I’m such a better person for knowing each and every one of them.

I’m a lucky, lucky girl. And luckier still that I know it!

2 Responses to An ending, before a beginning

  1. Sabre :

    I’m trying really really hard to not make any Uranus jokes involving my ass and wild cards. You have ~no~ idea how hard it is to resist!

  2. V :

    Aw, lady, the universe conspired to throw us all together into “challanging” aspects and look at how well that turned out. But “challanging” and “intolerable” are two very different things–never forget that.

    I see only clear skies ahead for you–and remember that if there might be a teesy bit of rain, it’s only to help the beautiful flowers fully bloom.

    I ain’t the least bit worried. I’m already picking out my cocktail dress for your first celebration dinner.