All out

I’m starting to see why all my relationships and friendships are short-lived. I go all-in right away. And pull out as soon as I can. 

I’ve never been a girl to settle. I don’t stay with someone because it’s Christmas or their birthday is coming up or I’m lonely and waiting for something better to come along. 

That’s how most people are in the workforce. And unfortunately I see a lot of that in relationships and marriages all around me. 

My take has always been to be free. When the right one comes along, why have baggage in the closet blocking the way of your cutest cocktail dress?

My firm belief is that you can’t pick up what you want when your arms are filled with what you don’t. 

Of course, you need a job to get another job. Maybe that’s the way to get the right relationship? To have something to compare it to that you’re willing to sacrifice for something greater?

Or would you just be like 97% of the people I know and think you can have both?

Maybe I need a freelance opportunity as my love affair. Money never disappoints. 

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