A spoonful of stupid

Worked from home this a.m. and decided to do the afternoon shift at a wireless hotspot simply because my bloated ass feels and looks way better in my cute new jean shorts.

Alas, I’m here now and the firewall is blocking the Web site that I’m supposed to be working on. Aarrgghh!

Am just gonna finish my salad and hightail it to the office. Besides, this annoying mother of 14 sitting next to me yelled at me to take a farther-away table just in case her kids wanted mine. The hell? Now she’s talking loudly with the mother four tables away from her (i.e., two away from me) so I get it. Really. You’re a whore who needs to have her tubes (and her vocal cords) tied.

Good thing I brought a pair of pants more suitable for work, just in case.

I do see the usefulness in having kids though. I forgot to grab a knife (heh — good thing) and Splenda for my black currant iced tea. At least she can dispatch her toddler to the condiment station. I wish I’d been nicer to her, as I can’t abandon my shit-ton of electronics just to get a lil spoonful of sugar for myself.

Of course, she beats the dumb bitch who was in line behind me by a mile, as her natural voice was baby talk. Even when she wasn’t addressing her toddler. I wanted to fork her eyeball if it wouldn’t have resulted in even more high-pitched shrieking, although it would have been amusing to see if her voice could possibly have risen another octave.

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