A picture of my own future, no doubt

So my best friend calls to say to me, very blase-like and shit, that she just tried to feed her 1-year-old son cat food.

She didn’t mean to — she was looking at the cats and thinking that they should be fed, too. So she went and dipped her hand in what she thought was the Cheerios box and was about to dump it on the kid’s high-chair tray, only to realize just as her hand touched the plastic that it was not human food.

Sad thing is, the boy’s a little eating machine — he probably would have loved it. She reports that the cats were quite pissed off that not only does the child get all the attention in the house, but also all the food. 🙂

Sadder still, for the decade-plus that I’ve had cats myself, if it were me I’m not overly sure I wouldn’t have done the same thing. And for as preoccupied as I always seem to be, I worry that I wouldn’t have noticed my mistake within a reasonable amount of time!

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