A Christmas miracle

I had gone into my office yesterday under the auspices of, oh, catching up from being gone for so long, but all I ended up doing was cleaning a little bit. The office had gone unused so it was dusty and dust + Goddess does not a happy nose make.

So anyway, I came in this morning to find, on my clean little glass table, a Christmas tree!

My comrade/colleague/buddy had brought it in and plugged it into the extension cord I happened to have under it — I knew exactly who was responsible for it and went and hugged him immediately. He said his wife had given it to him for me — they’d been so sad to hear me declare that I was having no Christmas and they said everybody deserves a Christmas.

Today was the first time my tears flowed freely, but were full of joy instead of sadness.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. …

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