I dreamed of Sia last night. Kadie got out of the house again. (Seriously, her tiny ass always bolts down the hallway when I come home. I once had a neighbor return her because I didn’t even see her leave.)

There was a knock at the door in the dream, and there was Sia — petting Kates and making her purr. I was so relieved. Said thank God you were the one who found her. Stay as long as you like.

Katie woke me up from that dream at 4 a.m. Late for her, as she gravitates to 3:30 a.m. I never go back to sleep. But, story for another day there.

In any event, funny that I’d dream of Sia (finally, after a year and a half) on Grampy’s 92nd birthday.

He used to play in a band. But Mom mentioned today something I never knew. That he and his buddies would play at retirement homes on their off-nights, when they didn’t have a paying gig.

I didn’t think it was possible to love him more. But yeah, I do.

Sending my love to heaven. Today, and always.

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