5 days

I saw Big Giant Pussy today. He didn’t see me. I’ve been hoping to end this adventure without being in their line of sight. 

After all, they aren’t taking responsibility for being horrid residents. They probably blame me for being one of the complainers about them. 

I actually stopped calling the landlord, cops, security and the HOA after I realized A) all are useless and B) after I confronted them. 

Perhaps I should have stayed on it, lest they could make the case that they’ve learned to behave. But I have zero plans to renew my lease and it doesn’t need to be my fight anymore. 

However, I will be very happy if/when they remove their dirty doormat. And it is my dream that the place remains unrented for the remaining five months on my lease. 

I’m tired of not asking and not receiving. I’m asking. Please grant me ongoing peace and health and wealth. Blessed be. Damn it. 

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