5.25 days

Big Giant Pussy is upstairs blasting his music when he should be packing. And I am drinking Zinfandel straight out of the bottle, trying to calm my tattered nerves. 

He sounds like he’s with a girl who doesn’t scream. They are even laughing. Hunh.  Maybe it’s the “Lucy” Thundercunt told him to go to. 

Lucy and Loser. It has a nice ring to it. 

Please God, say Lucy didn’t take over the lease and we will still be subjected to Martin Loser King and Fraggle Rock. 

In any event, today my happy moments came at Panera. Because, autumn squash soup. Also I bought an item that I returned and got a huge discount on the item I exchanged it for. Clearly the cashier made a mistake but she said just take it. And I did. 

I feel like I have started the 100 Happy Days challenge. New nephew, new shoes, a discounted shirt and butternut squash soup. Not too shabby, universe. Thanks for being kind to me. 

Also, 99% full moon …


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