$400 million will soon be mine …

I told the team on our morning call that my to-do list consists of little more than winning the $400 million Powerball tonight.

And I may have been more than a little pleased that everyone said I’ll still be at work tomorrow even with mega-millions in my name.

Honestly, I am glad people see that I like what I do. I get to hide behind a computer. I get to NOT use a phone other than for conference calls. (OMG I hate the phone. Hate it.) I get to crack the whip when needed and otherwise just do fun stuff I am kind of good at.

I even have the dream team. Except for one. I mean who takes 30 days’ vacation in 90 days’ time?

With $400 million to take care of mom’s health and get my car fixed and to go buy a house and all houses within a five-mile radius so I don’t have to deal with neighbors anymore, I’ll be the happiest asshole on the planet.

Of course I’d come back to work. I’d need something else to do other than counting my blessings!

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