I read a great quote that I can’t seem to locate. It said earth is big. And if you live in the same place your whole life, that’s the geographical equivalent of never leaving your bedroom. 

Had another sleepless night. Between the constipated cat who won’t eat her pumpkin and the neighbor who is literally sawing logs at 4 a.m., my new year is off to a rollicking start. 

I’ve decided Lunar New Year will be my official new year. That’ll begin my official 60-day countdown to move. 

The kitchen sink isn’t working. Or my toilet. Or the dryer. This is a brand new place, right? But with the landlord telling me I have to pay for repairs, it dawns on me that the problems were left for me by other people who rightfully didn’t want to pay to fix his house. 


In any event, I still feel stuck even if I change houses. I love Florida though. Just not this part. 

I found an old blog post last night from my exit interview from Club Medicated. I was forced to say I was leaving for personal reasons. And I was pissed

As I said and wrote, it wasn’t fair for them to connect hating the employer with hating the job. I loved the job. I excelled at it. I just was dying at the company. 

I’m not comparing then to now, workwise. But hating southeast Florida while liking my career is comparable. Like then, changing one too drastically means losing the other.  

If anyone has been a master of reinvention, it’s me. Of course, it was a lot easier without having a dependent with chronic and untreated anxiety that’s manifested in me. 

They say a quiet new year ushers in a year of relative sameness. That’s why I need to whoop it up on Lunar New Year. I was tired of extreme highs and lows of years past. But spending another year in a near-coma without being asleep will kill me more. 

I don’t know what that means yet. But I gotta do something before my brain and soul atrophy completely. 

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