18 days

I snuck a little food to the ducks in the dead of night last night. I walked downstairs and hid where no one could see me.

I couldn’t give them much — just a few handfuls to the 10 ducks who were standing there with hope in their little hearts. Then some fuckwad with a dog came upon me and I ran for the hills.

Mom was watching from the balcony. Other ducks saw their friends eating and flew over the lake to come for food. But I was gone.

This is so sad. I mean, we couldn’t feed them all and we certainly couldn’t feed them around the clock for a long period of time like she was doing.

But it breaks our hearts that they are staying so loyal to us that they just KNOW we are going to come through somehow. When … we just can’t.

The fat bitch and homely bitch stop by every day and let their unleashed asshole dogs rush at the ducks. They fly to the water and come back onto our grass when the bitches finally leave. The bitches loud-talk and bitch about everyone in the community, including us.

It was so nice having nature sounds. Now this is absolute bullshit. Fuck them. I hope when they are dying in a bed and starving because they can’t reach their dinner like my grandfather at the VA Hospital in Aspinwall (may it burn to the ground), I hope nobody throws them a crumb either.

Fruity Patootie (another duck-hater except when he’s taking selfies with them — I always say he has a selfie stick up his ass) brought his asshole dog by and didn’t clean up her shit as usual.

Fuck all.

I’m so mad I don’t even notice the assclowns upstairs anymore. Well, not as much as I used to.

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