17 days

I’m probably going to stop this countdown because Thundercunt is officially the least of my worries at that goddamned dump I call home.

I got brave early this morning and wanted to go feed the ducks.

Honestly, if you’ve seen “City of Angels” and you see the angels lined up on the beach at sunrise, this is exactly the scene at my house. Which was the one thing we loved about it.

So I walk out, look both ways … and see one of the bitches who reported me. With unleashed dogs. Right by the ducks.

I know I shouldn’t have reacted. But I threw my hands up in the air and probably dropped an F-bomb. Then I started walking really fast around our lake.

I kept looking over my shoulder, thinking the bitch would have gone inside since she never hauls her homely ass around the lake. Nope. Not today.

She followed me more than halfway around the lake. I kept looking back and she was hot on my heels.

At our gazebo, I saw a hot guy and he said hello. And I got brave.

I turned around and walked back the way I came from. I wasn’t gonna let this duck-kicking bitch stalk me.

She stopped me and snapped at me.

She said why do I keep looking back at her.

I said I always look back when I’m walking. I want to be safe.

She said she saw me throw up my hands and shoot her looks. I said your dogs are unleashed and I am afraid and I don’t have to hang around and be near them.

She said she’s never seen me before and I’m acting “all shady” toward her. I said, “What’s it to you?”

She said her dogs are friendly. I said “Great. And I’m shady. Good to know.”

And I walked away.

She walked around to the entrance I came out of. I saw her waiting and I beelined to another one and managed to get home without further incident.

I saw her texting someone — ostensibly her fat friend with the three big ugly dogs. And sure enough, the bitches joined up at my entrance that’s under my balcony. Unleashed dogs and all.

So someone needs to explain to me how the ducks deserve to be kicked and I deserve to be stalked/confronted/bullied for walking outside my front door. (And no, no duckies were fed because of this drama.)

But these bitches can let their dogs roam free.

The fat bitch’s new trick is to leash the dogs and then drop the leash to let them run at the ducks.

I know we are spending way too much time and sanity on this. But no one stood up for my great-grandmother in the hospital. Or my grandmother. Or my grandfather. No one follows through on any promises to help me help my mom.

So that I want to advocate for a handful of beautiful, kind, sweet and quiet little creatures having some food … I am the target of a witch hunt?!?!

I’m going to go out there every day with my big purse and pretend I’m doing something shady. Seriously. I got exercise and she got angry. Which seems like a pretty OK outcome to me.

I just hope she doesn’t sic those ugly mongrels on Mom. She knows where I live and I don’t know where to find her. Which is a very unfair advantage she has.

But here’s to hoping that life, in all its inherent unfairness, evens things out on this one.

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