13 days

Woke up early to do my usual early-Monday work.

Got it done more quickly than usual and went back to bed.

Had a weird dream where people were talking in a horrible Island accent. I said to the person in the dream, “You sound like my neighbors.”

Turns out, Big Giant Pussy was upstairs yelling, “Fuck.” So I just heard him, was all.

Speaking of this dump, in addition to no more wildlife in our lake, they must have also poisoned the streams that run through this place too. Wonder if that taco-eating sonofabitch poisoned the canals too, or whether the ducks are hiding there.

I’ve seen three or four rogue ducks. I want to feed them but I also don’t want to keep them in harm’s way. So I returned the 20-pound bag of seed I’d bought a week ago to the store.

Then we woke up today to see our squirrel who lives in the palm tree outside my window was dead. He was run over by a skateboard.

The only thing left is a little black kitty who loves me and follows me around. If anything happens to him, I’m not sure I won’t torch the joint.

When I was leaving Palm Beach, my rich New York neighbor heard where I was going and he said, “And you thought this place was a dump. That town is filled with derelicts.”

And I said, “My new place costs almost the same. I didn’t go low-end. How bad could it be?”

Well, hahahahahahahhaa. Joke’s on me. Like always.

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