11 p.m. is still not too late to fire Monday, right?

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Today didn’t suck. *squee!*

Well, OK, maybe it almost did when I was driving home a half-hour ago and accidentally ran a red light and a turning truck almost made mincemeat out of me; that would definitely have sucked.

The bright side?

Good thing I didn’t spend three grand on fixing the car (yay for not having it!), only to put it in harm’s way. THAT would be my luck.

What is it with me and that car? Seriously! And I’d just downed a whole ton of Starbucks and Diet Mountain Dew to keep me awake during some worky stuff tonight.

Caffeine FAIL, but Jesus loving and protecting me WIN.

This weekend, I entered a contest to win a new car. God willing, may I get it. Lord knows with my credit score, my payment would be about eleventy billion a month if I bought it new.

I’ve never wanted/hoped for anything contest-related in my life. I mean, sure, I want the winning lottery ticket. But that would mean having to, you know, BUY ONE and all.

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