You Bastards!

**picture Kyle from “South Park” standing indignantly in my office, reading my e-mail**

They just e-mailed the job posting for the Marionette of the Veggie Patch Gazette position. They wrote it so that even I couldn’t qualify for the job. Funny, I got the fucking paper together on a wing and a prayer with no useful assistance from them, and now they have the audacity to think they know what it takes to fill the position?

Demure was in my office yesterday, asking about HTML and PageMill. She had literally no idea what to make of those phrases and had to ask me about them. So I gave her the 10-cent explanation, how it’s essentially irrelevant for the job at this juncture. So, those appear in the descrip, of course. The good thing is that not only do I know both, but I can also justify why we don’t need to know it. But they are asking for five years’ experience as managing editor of a publication as a mandatory requirement (which I don’t have, thanks to them. Bastards!) I not only CAN, but HAVE, done evey thing else on their list.

The funny part was, the job post was mailed with another open position for a processor. So I emailed Frosty and said, “I’d like to apply for the processor job.” Heh. Frighteningly, from the job descrip, I am probably more qualified for that position, anyway.

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