Woo hoo!

After an insufferable case of the blahs, the Pub Club had potluck on Friday nite. Ollie bailed (surprise), so IKEA Boy, SM and I had a lovely dinner anyway — IKEA Boy made an amazing hazelnut-and-apple stuffed chicken — wow! We were stuffed and happy and full of wine … always a bonus! We had kicked around the idea of going to see naked boys on bartops at Wet, but we were pooped and were most content just hangin’ out.

Yesterday, SM and I did the gym thing, went to Pentagon City Mall and wrapped up the evening with SEVERAL drinks at Bennigan’s. Mmmm…. the Celtic Creamsicle, the Bellini and the Paddy’s Punch were all to die for, but I think the Celtic Creamsicle was the best. All were washed down with Miller Lite, so I was a happy Dawn. 🙂 We were already high from playing with perfumes, jewelry and clip-on ponytails that just made us way too happy to try on and purchase, and it was nice to get trashed at a bar that is less than a mile from both of our abodes.

At Benny’s, we were perturbed by these loud-ass punks right next to us (the bar was fairly empty, so leave it to us to get drunken yahoos in our immediate vicinity. One was this stalker-type in a $5 Old Navy T-Shirt, who kept ooking (remember, ook rhymes with Kook) at SM — Stalker Boy ordered food to go but yet never left. On the quieter side of the bar, another guy who was kinda cute was staring at me despite the fact that he was with this overweight mess of a girl who needed to pull down the back of her shirt ‘cuz her fat back was making us gag. Cute boy at least gave me a distraction from the rowdy assholes next to us. 🙂

The most memorable patron (not in a good way) was this scary little white boy, Thomas Higgins (he gave SM his business card), who kept bragging about his supposed six-figure income (and $3 tie, as SM pointed out) and was trying to talk like the two African American guys sitting next to him at the bar (this kid was hopeless). He kept yelling nasty shit at SM (who attempted to shut him up repeatedly), whereupon the bartender, Renee (or Nay-Nay, as Thomas kept calling her), sent him to the other end of the bar to play by himself.

SM attempted to make peace with the kid, whom she said was the kind of kid who walks into a high school and shoots up everyone he sees. Freaky little fucker. He kept screaming in our faces and announcing that he was psychotic. He even asked SM if she thought he were crazy, and she said no, but that wasn’t the answer he wanted, because he started SCREAMING that he’s fucked up in the head (apparently he wanted the entire wait staff to know he was nuts).

We realized that he wasn’t kidding about that, so we hightailed it to her car and zoomed around the corner to ACA’s lot, where my car was parked, and turned off the lights. Thomas must’ve run to his car and zoomed off in pursuit of us, because the second SM turned off her lights, a car came gunning out of Benny’s lot (and he was the last one in the bar) and kept going past us. My worry was that he was drunk and riled up and crazy — and in charge of a vehicle — no wonder there are so many accidents on the road, when assholes like him are on the rampage. SM was worried that the little runt probably had a gun on or near him and that he would compensate for his slight stature (or his probably tiny dick, like I figured) by blowing someone away. Believe me, one slap from either of us would’ve knocked him out cold, but even we know that we are no match for that weirdo if he’s packing heat.

In all, though it was a bizarre night, it was a fun one — we couldn’t stop laughing. We found ourselves twice saying things in unison, showing that we’re already falling into that groove of good friendship. I was telling her about my friend Dawn, how we have to all get together sometime because we’d have entirely too much fun together. We started thinking about a trip to Annapolis to see Dawn. (Unfortunately, it will take about eight months of saving money for me to afford another night out, but it will be worth it, I’m sure. lol)

Oh, speaking of a lack of money, Hector, my trainer from Bally’s who made me feel like shit ‘cuz I can barely afford my membership and definitely can’t afford personal training sessions, sauntered by me on the stepping machine yesterday and sneered, “You would have been running by now,” referencing the fact that if I’d been able to afford their outrageous prices for personal training, I would have been running around the track at my four-week membership point. Fuck him. SM said that was worthy of being reported to the manager for shitty customer service. I think he’s just a tiny little prick and is trying to throw his weight around — honestly, after a comment like that, why WOULD I sign up for personal trainings with him?

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