Why, I oughtta. …

I hope the girl he claims to be seeing is as miserable with him as I was. At least he was a good lay. I got the best of him. That is all he had to offer.

And to clarify, the bullshit about him not being able to leave Tom’s if he wanted to, is, well, bullshit. He called to find out where I was so that he could come out and meet me. I lied and said I didn’t know what bar I was in. I said I knew I was in Brighton Heights, but I didn’t catch the name of the place. He was disappointed and suggested that I join him at Tom’s, then. I told him I had to go, and I hung up on him. I guess this is his way of retaliation. I’ll bet anything that he told his buddies he was going to get laid and that I’d be gullible enough to fuck him. Forget that shit. I will not respond to this email. It is not worth my energy.

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