Why don’t ya just shove a broom up my ass, while you’re at it …

So I can sweep the fucking place, too.

Gaaah, I hate my workplace more and more. Things due 14 days ago (from Kumquat) arrived today. He’s been very nice to me today (not surprisingly). I’m about to turn the pages into PDFs for electronic transmission, and I just got a bombshell that I have to present at a meeting at 2 p.m. I, not knowing how else to respond (and without being able to say, “Fuck y’all!”), burst into tears, right in the middle of the halllway. I haven’t prepared any info to present — fuck, I forgot about the meeting. Screw it — I ain’t showin’ up. I hate them all.

The Town Crier kicked off my day with a shitty comment to the effect of, “So, are you ready to take over?” The REASON I can’t take over the paper (officially) is due in large part to her fat ass and her fat mouth running around the building, telling everyone I’m going after the position too aggressively. Shit, they sure don’t mind me doing the work aggressively, now do they? I sent a snarky e-mail to Demure to say that I hope it counts in my favor that I haven’t been able to interview for the job because I’m too damn busy DOING the job.

Shan was regaled to doing Solitaire Queen’s job today, as Solitaire has called off for two weeks and shit has piled up to the sky, not that she was working on it when she WAS here. So there’s Shan, with her brilliant business mind, wasting away putting binders together for a meeting. Christ. We hate this place — I swear, today is the day we’re going to go postal. And Town Crier is goin’ down first — I had visions of shoving her glasses up her ass sideways. Heh.

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