Rejected title: Miracles and surprises and blasts from the past, oh my!

Cruise Director gave me all of the word documents I had given him, with a few minor corrections. I am pretty darned impressed. 🙂 Perhaps he’s just like me — it takes awhile to get the old ass in gear, but once it’s in gear, there’s no stopping till the task is complete.

Had bizarre dreams last night about J.O. In it, we were laughing and he was holding me. He basically said to take advantage of it, because he wouldn’t stay for long. Dreams about him have always been a security blanket of sorts for me. I forget about him for months at a time, but then when life is stressing me out and I’m reaching the end of my proverbial rope, visions of him enter my slumber, and I always feel better. Sad to say, it’s like he’s my rock, even when I’d rather pelt him with a rock or 10. 🙂 And I always dream about him before his birthday, and as I found earlier this month, before Tuna’s birthday. (Don’t ask me about Tuna, but suffice to say that after I graduated high school, I didn’t have to put up with her anymore, so I didn’t. But I wonder if those two stayed friends.) Bleah. At any rate, he looked great, and his presence had the intended effect, because I felt pretty good when I got up this morning. It’s a good outfit day, good hair day (so far), and I bathed with my cucumber-melon stuff, so I am all fresh and sweet this morning, like always. 🙂

I wonder if he ever found this blog. I doubt he did. But I did get a great letter last night from someone who does read the blog, someone who knew me “way back when” and had a few inspirational thoughts to share. I vaguely remember telling him about the blog, but you know how they say, “Dance like no one’s watching and love like you’ve never been hurt before”? That’s how I blog (for the most part). I don’t suck up to people but I really don’t hurl daggers, either. I just say whatever enters my mind, and sometimes I forget that it’s being read. It’s kind of like the newspaper I edit. I write to my heart’s content and produce what I think is a good product. And then, like this month, the letters to the editor came raining down like an avalanche — with equal parts praise and disgust — and it reminded me again that people do read what I have to say.

And as far as the personal “letter to the editor” from my old pal, I’ve only sung his praises when, in fact, he got a mention (*whew*), but really, I’ve always had ONLY good things to say, and it’s kind of neat how I paid him a compliment here and there and really had no idea that he was reading my words. Just goes to show that, when you’re checking your usage statistics, you never really know who belongs to those IP addresses. But it’s wonderful when you find out it’s a friendly spirit!

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