When the spirit moves you

Because I’m all spiritual these days (thanks to a thought-provoking Friday Five that I continued on Sunday and now today, Monday), I realize that I was not meant to hold down a 40-hour per week job, nor should I be forcing myself to mold my creativity to function only during those hours. Damn it, I just went on a writing spree about a subject that I found incredibly boring until a half-hour ago. I ran out of info, so I had to stop, but I just realized that it’s OK to be uninspired at certain times of the day (i.e., between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.). I have 10 days, including weekends, to pull my stories together. (Hah!) But I guarantee the bulk of my writing — and my best writing — will be done after 7 p.m. during the coming evenings. Yet I have to drag my ass in here for a full day before that can happen.

It’s not the association’s fault … it’s my fault for not being a full-time freelancer. I guarantee, when I freelance, I’ll be working evenings and some weekends, and I’ll toss in a few weekdays for meetings and conference calls.

Workplaces strip people of their individualism, their uniqueness. So many people go in to work, uninspired (for a variety of reasons) and leave at 5 p.m. just because that is what they have always acknowledged as the end of a workday. But maybe their creativity doesn’t kick in till later in the night, like mine does. Think of all the wasted talent and vision out there in the world, because after you’ve had your ass kicked by your employer all day, do you REALLY want to work in the evening? Hell no. Not to say that we should only work when the spirit moves us (because most people might never be moved enough to accomplish anything) … but I do believe in muses, and when my muse comes to poke me in the ass, I’d like to have enough energy to humor her and produce something creative and coherent. 🙂

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