Whatever you’re wondering, the answer is probably yes

It’s amazing, the follow-up questions I get to my cryptic blog posts, especially of late. 😉 Oh, if you only knew. … I assure you, the “real” stories are a lot more interesting than the existentially dramatic way I present them! But I’m sure, years down the road, I’ll laugh at how melodramatic I made things seem. I hope, anyway.

My friend D. looked at me today and said she can tell I’m sad, but luckily it’s just through my writing and not through my presentation. And that made me even sadder, like I’m crying out and screaming for help and not a soul would think that I was anything much less than fine.

But I don’t want to cry over the current bag of flaming cat crap that life has become. I mean, come on already — don’t I have better things to do? Looking at my ever-growing to-do list at work and at home, there’s no time to break down. And I consider that a good thing.

Rather than boo-hoo over things that have moved beyond my control (even if I did have some power over them at some point before), when the good things that keep eluding me finally come my way, I want everyone to say, “Damn, it’s about time!” instead of, “Why does she deserve all that glory and bounty and uber-fabulousness that is raining upon her?”

Like my mom says, don’t ever look back. Or, at least, don’t ever let anyone catch you, if you do.

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