‘We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet’

2014 wasn’t too bad.

Today was for shit. And so will tomorrow as I work the holiday.

But the year brought some good things too. And some great ones.

Every year we try to ring in the year with traditions (what’s left of them) and silly things done “for luck.”

Of course, on a year like this one when you don’t do them, you wonder briefly whether their absence will affect 2015’s outcome.

And yet, annually gnawing on a hunk of pork on New Year’s Day hasn’t produced lifelong happiness. So the fact that my bifteki and tsaziki wrap caused temporary bliss, I’ll call New Year’s Eve a victory.

The year is ending on an OK note. Work sucked many days but I have a good job overall. Mom drove me nuts most of the year but I am glad to have her. My heart has been all the fuck over the place but it’s still beating and even racing.

I didn’t get to see the world. But one trip led to a chance meeting that turned into Something.

And as 2014 comes to a close, when people ask about the best part, I won’t answer.

But I will smile and remember the best parts. And even the others that made me appreciate them all the more.




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