Weekend wrap-up

Although I was disgusted by my ear-bashing by Demure, I did go into work on Saturday night, and I worked from home Sunday night. I am going to go in late today, as I will stay until just before dance class starts. If I can get my stories together by mid-afternoon, my guy is promising me a draft of the paper first thing tomorrow to circulate. Woo hoo! Right on schedule!

Demure is on vacation all week. Did I mention all week? Hell yeah! She’s not altogether that helpful to me — it’s more like she’s underfoot. I find it hysterical that she used to work for one of our biggest divisions, until they canned her ass, so the national organization hired her and kept her for 20 years. Isn’t that insane? My respect for that division went up a ton — not to mention, they’re so frustrated with the national organization that they are trying to get their charter revoked so they can be done with us. Some days, I just can’t blame them, although they really are a bunch of stuck-up snots sometimes.

I’ve had hives for a week. I have them both at work and at home. In fact, the only time I feel good anymore is when I’m out and about. Had a good weekend shopping with Shawn early Saturday and by myself Sunday, and I really enjoyed hanging out at home this weekend. Unfortunately, I had a box avalanche — one of the bottom boxes in a ceiling-high stack collapsed, leaving a mess in the corner, so I re-packed a couple of the boxes before I got fed up. I am so tired of having 50 percent of my belongings in a place where I can’t even see or use them.

At work, I’m producing my fifth issue alone. I hope by my seventh, I have help. I am beyond burnout — I’m in full-fledged meltdown mode. I understand the candidate pool isn’t all that wonderful, but I won’t settle for just anyone to work in my department.

Finished a really hard story last night (hard=boring). Now to wrap up four more boring ones. I can’t wait till this paper goes to press — it’s my birthday weekend, and I am not setting foot in or near the Veggie Patch if I can help it. My true gift to myself.

Bought some clothes this weekend. Spent way too much money, although everything was on sale. I think I got screwed out of a discount on this springlike work outfit I found at Hecht’s, but by that point, I was so accustomed to salesclerk incompetence that I just wanted to get the fuck out of the store. Bought a bunch of long shirts to wear with jeans. Instead of buying more clothes in more sizes, perhaps I should drag said fat ass to the gym to whittle it down to fit into the existing wardrobe. Hmm. We’ll see.

Haven’t had a cigarette since Saturday. Perhaps the goal right now is not to quit outright, but rather to save smoking just for special occasions. It’s just so hard, when the special event is over, to train myself to not want a cancer stick in my mouth at all times. I guess being denied a pacifier as a child has made me need to have something in my mouth for comfort. 🙂

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