‘Wednesdays with Demure’

I have to thank Shan for trying to block Demure from meeting with me today. Demure needed to see Cruise Director, so Shan gave her the time slot when Demure usually drags me kicking and screaming into her chambers. And Demure didn’t want that time slot, because of her meeting with me. Shan even went so far as to say that it was Cruise Director’s only open time slot, and besides, it’s crunch time for me, so she was certain I would appreciate having that extra time to work on the paper.

No such luck. Demure stalked down to my office with her datebook and explained the situation. She asked when I would want to meet. I said, look, you know how I feel about meetings during production weeks, so I would be fine if we canceled entirely. She pursed her lips and told me that was unacceptable. So now we’re meeting half an hour later than normal.

I can’t take this anymore. I really can’t. Meet about what? We had a McManagers meeting yesterday. Demure and I already met on Monday. And our meetings are never less than an hour. I am so ready to cry, it isn’t even funny. I literally have nothing on my agenda this week, other than to work. She’s going to want a progress update. Here’s your update: “NOTHING!” And why does it have to take an hour out of my life to convey that?

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