I am tired and sore, and do you think I have even made a significant dent in my moving process? *sigh*

I had my first dinner at my new place last night. Granted, it was from Chez Mickey’s, but for a girl on a budget, it was fine for me. I bought all kinds of pop for when the big move happens, so we’ll all have cold beverages to keep us from dehydrating as we drag my shit up my two flights of steps.

Dumbass (that’s me, for those keeping score at home) wiped out a curb two days ago — I have yellow streaks on both of my passenger-side tires and wheel covers. Of course that resulted in a nearly-deflated back tire yesterday (on which I’ve already spent $50 in patching twice before). Gaah! I took Samantha Jones to the gas station yet again and cried girly incompetence, and the mechanic felt bad for me and checked the tire that he’s become altogether too familiar with. He filled it with air and sent me on my way with a reasurrance that I didn’t do permanent damage. And he didn’t charge me. Thanks, David, at the Mobil Station on Stevenson!!!

At any rate, onward ho. I have about a thousand books and CDs to haul today, although I might follow Tiff’s lead and consider donating to charity my two dozen stuffed frogs that are living in my closet. One less box to haul, if nothing else. 🙂

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