I’m embroiled in battle at the Veggie Patch with a “leader” who wants to take over the newspaper. Insert that bitch on wheels is already a column editor and couldn’t write a declarative sentence properly even if it could save the ozone layer. She is trying to organize/found an editorial board that would oversee our activities, from hiring practices to content to whatever the hell else she wants to control.

Let’s just say that, after eight epic e-mails from me, and I’ve heard not word one from either of my superiors. Eight. I am so against this woman’s politics and personal political agendas that I would rather hand in my resignation than report to her EVER.

I need to buy some memory for my Mac at home (so I can work there more often and escape the assholitry that eats up my workdays). Any suggestions on which brands to buy and what kind of cost it will be? (I need a shitload of memory — I’m gonna bite the bullet and buy Panther).

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