Vehicular manslaughter averted. For now

This blog entry exists solely for me to work out some mental aggression. This message will self-destruct in 30 seconds.

Today has clearly been “your gas pedal must be up your ass, next to your head” day on the highway.

And my foot is about to make it a rollicking threesome for the fuckhead on the moped on the A1A who refused to A) drive above 20 mph and B) kept swerving in and out of the lane but never actually got off the road long enough for any of us to pass him.

So I went onto the big, grown-up highway where there’s more than one lane, but it’s “blue-haired, white-knuckled phantom” day (as is every day that ends in “y”). OMG, it took me a goddamned hour to get to an appointment that should’ve taken 20 minutes, tops.

And don’t get me started on the idiots who do not see that all streets are one-way. Not only are people going up the wrong fucking way, but they do it on the wrong SIDE, too. This ain’t Europe, you morons. Get a clue.


All right, I feel MUCH better now. Carry on!

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