Today brings a new month, a new apartment and eventually, a new life.

I’m signing my lease at 10:30 a.m., although I just got a panicked call from the apartment complex folks, asking why I hadn’t come in yet. Turns out that they lost their appointment bookings and have simply been relying on people showing up as scheduled. I offered to come in earlier, but they said no. Oh well. As long as the place is neat and clean and ready for me to move in, I’m cool.

I am taking two things with me to commemorate my move: My friend Leslie had brought me back a gorgeous slate mirror from Ireland, which I typically keep above my silver jewelry armoire, and that’s definitely coming with me today. I am also taking one of my big stuffed Garfield dolls (yes, Dave, the one sitting on the couch with Tinky Winky), and I have a scarf wrapped around the doll’s neck that I picked up in New York.

At any rate, I just finished the world’s most boring conversation with Demure’s secretary. She does not stop. Sweet gal, but didn’t she see me falling asleep during the hour that she had me cornered in my office? I came in at 7:30 a.m. for a reason, and I’m no farther along now than I was when I arrived. Gaaah! Luckily, my phone rang, and that ended that, or else she’d probably still be in here. 🙂

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