Tuesdays with Demure!TM

Actually, my day is off to a grand start, because Pussy Demure!TM called off today — we were scheduled to meet this morning, along with another party I invited, and she called in to advise me to just meet without her but be sure to fill her in on every excruciating detail … although she did have her secretary ask me to consider rescheduling the meeting because Demure’s input might be important. HAH — FAT FUCKING CHANCE!

In any event, the meeting shall go on today as scheduled (I have intelligent people coming). Hurrah! Not that I look forward to the follow-up meeting with Demure, but just knowing I don’t have to see her furry face today makes me a happy Dawn. For the first time in a long time, I feel happy — isn’t it sad how precious little it takes?

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