Today’s highlights

It wasn’t the four meetings I sat in, of course, that made my day. But a nice dinner with Ted helped to take the edge off.

But I do want to relate some funny conversations during my first meeting:

On the prospect of the restaurant next door finally re-opening, Martha said that, on the side that overlooks Alexandria, couples were always making out in the parking lot after the bar closed. I told her I had been there after hours, but all I remember doing was puking in the parking lot a few times. So she said, “You were one of those people making out, weren’t you?” And I had to say, “No comment!” (Aside to the blog: I’ve made out in that parking lot. The throwing up happened immediately afterward!)

Also on the restaurant, she said something she hated about the place, and I said how I hated all the sleazy guys who went there on Friday nights. So she asked, “What were YOU doing there on Friday nights?” And Scot said, “Picking up sleazy guys, apparently!”

Some people take minutes at meetings. I simply take account of the moments that I didn’t want to slit my wrists with the nearest letter opener. 🙂

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