Tired but energized

My body is screaming, “You’re exhausted! Take a nap!” but my mind is charged.

Had the best classes today with Barbara J. Winter, Shan’s hero and my new favorite author and instructor. Will write more later, but had fun learning about starting businesses and becoming an expert. Turns out that Barbara and crew asked ME to comment as an expert on endearing oneself to journalists as well as for ways to get letters to the editor printed. Wow! Who could have asked for more? Perhaps I really am an expert at something more than just ranting!!!

I always leave work when I’m this tired, but I never feel so excited, that tomorrow will be full of possibilities. I feel that way right now, and that’s the way every day should feel — I should always walk out with a sense of accomplishment and excitement for all the many things that I can and will do. Soon, my friends, life will turn out that way. Just not this weekend!

I leave you with some classic Barbara inspiration from my 42 pages of notes:

“People who have given up their dreams are adamantly against those who haven’t.” (i.e., your employer doesn’t want you to have dreams, because if they’re stuck in corporate hell, why should they care about what you want?)

“We never get to see the result of where many people’s imaginations could have taken them (the books they never wrote, the portraits they never painted, the inventions they never started or finished, etc).” (i.e., don’t let people beat your passion out of you or talk you out of it because they don’t get it.)

“Success comes to us inevitably when we go on our own paths.”

“John Lennon’s aunt told him he couldn’t make a living playing a guitar.”

“You don’t know how much work gets done in this world because people know and like each other.” (i.e., use your contacts and work with people you want to work with; don’t continue working with morons at your job.)

“People trade their mental and physical health for so little money.” (i.e., the 9-to-5 concept has been beaten into our heads for so long that we continue killing ourselves for a salary just to meet the bills, regardless of whether we like what we do or not.)

“Your physical being can change in the right environment, when you’re using the right tool (a pen, a brush, a jackhammer, etc.) … it’s like going to meet a lover — you achieve a different state of consciousness (when you’re happy with your life’s work.”

“The Buddhists have a far saner approach to work — they believe your real work is to FIND your life’s work, then to DO it with all of your heart.”

“Be sure, if you get into somebody’s book (that they’re writing), you’d better be an example and not a warning.”

“Never try to sell a product or service that you aren’t crazy about yourself. Only start a business you would be the first customer for.”

“We sometimes only see people after they are successful — but we shouldn’t miss the rehearsal.”

“If the light has gone out in your eyes, nobody will want to look at you.”

“It’s easier to create a new audience than a new speech.”

“The enemy of success is not failure … it’s inertia.”

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