Things I’ve learned this week

  • Things that I have no business being bothered by, I am.
  • Things that *should* bother me, don’t.
  • I wasn’t aware my heart could hold this much.
  • It’s impossible to have a bad time when you’re with good people.
  • Some days, it’s the little half-truths we tell ourselves that get us through until we’re strong enough to deal with reality. Or maybe it’s true that we’ve got to see it (at least, conceive in our heads) to believe it can happen. I’m never sure whether the little dreams come to me because they’re to be a work of fiction (that I have yet to write) or whether they’re meant to make me think bigger than I currently am.
  • Sometimes the things I expect/ask of others are monumental. Other times, I don’t feel that I request enough of them.
  • I’m not the only one *out there* with these doubts, frustrations, concerns, questions, fears and confusion about where I am in life and whether I’m on the right path, whether the things I want are really what’s best or meant to be, and whether these things are going to happen because they’re supposed to or if I have to somehow alter my course to make them possible.
  • Great things are worth waiting for. And I am one of them.
  • Even though it’s our own opinions of ourselves that matter most, some outside validation is exactly what we need to reinforce and even regenerate those good sentiments. Receiving — really, truly accepting — a kind word or a friendly touch isn’t weakness. It sure beats the opposite or, worse, nothing at all.

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    I feel all these things…