The reviews are in …

… and apparently, every employer I’ve ever had thinks I have an attitude.

This is no surprise.

I took the review with a grain of salt (and a shot of tequila). I just don’t understand how I get a “meets expectations” when I go above and beyond the call of duty every month, yet a handful of others produce no results whatsoever and still get the same rating I do.

Things were contradictory — that I am verbal about my thoughts, but I have poor communication skills. That I need to socialize with other staff more but I have a lot of last-minute crises when called away from my work to attend meetings and luncheons.That I get angry and annoyed by the meetings and administrative tasks but that I offer too many suggestions for improving the association when I should be prioritizing the production of the paper. That I get defensive and supposedly offer excuses when criticized, but I don’t share information when asked questions.

I defended everything (yeah, there I go being defensive again) and decided that if my style of work is more important than the outcomes I produce, I am as usual in the wrong job and should be working for myself.

I can’t win, but at least I got my raise. And I hope to not be around for next year’s review, so in the end, this too will be a faded memory.

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