The kindness of strangers

Went out to clean off Samantha, only to find that the cars on both sides of me had gotten outside first, and what did they do? They dumped all their snow on/behind/in front of her. I was pissed! Granted, there isn’t a whole lot of snow-dumping space, but use a little imagination, people. All anyone had to do was walk across the sidewalk and dump the snow where the grass usually was. 🙂

Anyway, as I gave my shovel and ice-melting-stuff to my old neighbor when I left Pittsburgh, I was screwed. All I had was a plastic flower pot to use as a bucket, which I did … three hours ago. But a half hour into it, a young couple wordlessly came over with their rentals from Blockbuster and a shovel, and they set about clearing my spot. They didn’t talk much, but their names are Michael and Susan, and they live two buildings over in apt. 101. All I really got out of them was that they’re from New York and that they’re Kevin Smith fans. I told Michael that if he’d give me the shovel, I’d use it and give it back, but he wouldn’t hear of it. He and Susan took turns with it, and they approached a guy a few cars over to borrow his bucket. They were quite an efficient team, and then they made me back the car up so that they could ensure that I could pull in and out of my spot with no problems. And while I was fine with the way it was, they said forget it, we’re completely cleaning the spot. So we finished up a little while later.

I’m soaked and desperately trying to scarf down some leukwarm soup to warm up, but I had to transcribe this display of selfless human kindness. They wouldn’t even take a thank you from me — they said I’m the sixth person they’ve helped, and that it all evens out in the end. Wow. I need to send these guys flowers or a pizza or something — they were the best!

Just on a funny note, I didn’t want to wear my leather gloves, so I wore these little stretchy black numbers that have been sitting here with the tags on them. Partway into my snow-bucket-filling endeavor, I noticed that my nails tore through the fingertips, exposing my very-white French-manicured tips. We joked that I looked like my gloves came out of the 1980s. Heh. Priceless!

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