The head isn’t the only thing that’s lighter

So I went to get my head examined this morning. Other than a general confirmation that I’m pretty much toeing the line between the shallow and deep ends, I learned that my blood pressure has dropped practically in half and that I’ve lost 14 pounds.

Sad to say, I hadn’t noticed either. I mean, I knew with my headaches that I hadn’t been eating, but I unfortunately have gotten back my appetite. Damn it. 😉 Maybe I’ll refrain from taking the headache meds next time I get a doozy and drop another clothing size!

Well, actually, to be fair, I haven’t dropped a size but instead fit better into the size I currently buy. Still gots the muffin top but it looks less like a bakery window display. Progress, though, nonetheless!

2 Responses to The head isn’t the only thing that’s lighter

  1. Mel :

    You can always drop about 15 lbs in week with food poisoning. 😉

  2. Erica :

    That’s great about your blood pressure. I say you celebrate with a burger. That’s what I’m about to have, anyway.