Teh kyoot, I haz it

Teh kyoot, I haz it, originally uploaded by dcwriterdawn.

Maddie’s gotten some fan mail at this address since we stopped updating “I Crap in a Box.” The fact is, she never actually crapped in a box till recently, so the irony was gone. 😉 So, I wanted to give an update to the many friends she’s made throughout the years.

Maddie thanks her adoring public for inquiring about her absence. She’s been good up until recently, when a combination of me being fed up with her daily poop rampages (particularly when my bed was a victim) and a passing concern that, hey, she’s kinda gotten skinny led me to cart both fur muffins to the vet.

A passing suggestion from the vet to do a geriatric workup for her led to an ongoing series of visits and labwork and, in a month, I’m going to have to suck it up and send her into surgery. Le sigh.

I’m OK with the surgery, as I’ve already parted with hundreds of dollars on her care so what’s another grand? Thank you, Dubya, for that stimulus check. I believe my veterinarian’s parent company is publicly traded so let’s act like I bought stock and drove up the Dow with it.

Maddie is not liking this traveling thing, not one bit. She detests the car but on the last trip, I let her hang out with me in the front seat and I unzipped her carrier so she could be free, and she didn’t howl as much as usual. I, however, need to vacuum ’cause the fur flew everywhere.

They say she has a 94% chance of being fine after the surgery. I like those odds.

She’s been my best friend for a long time now, 12 years, and has seen many friends and tomcats come and go in my life and she’s outlasted, well, 94% of them.

Speaking of old friends, she wants to wish a happy birthday to her Unca Chris in Pittsburgh, since the whole “Sixteen Candles” birthday epidemic in our world is a little too much to bear and we don’t want people to feel anything less than special on their special day!

Anyway, Miss Molly is as cheerful and sweet and loving as always. She’s dropped more than eight pounds in a very short time frame, which I’d attributed to Kadie running her ragged because Kadie is playful and likes to roughhouse a lot.

So, all I can do is continue treating her like the little princess she is and hoping that when all is said and done, Maddie and I will have another dozen years to hang out together.

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  1. RaisingDC :

    Awwww, poor Maddie 🙁 Hope the surgery works wonders.