Tee Hee

The Open House wasn’t as painful as expected, surprisingly. Hung out with IKEA Boy, SM and the president of the organization, for the most part. And the flamey president-elect … next year will be the Year of Our Drag Queen, I assure you! lol. At any rate, met this good-looking marketing guy named Matt (yes, another Matt!). He was adorable and made it a point to keep talking to me. Later on, I overheard all the girls from the office oooohing and aaaaahing over him and wanting to hook up with him, but the only person who walked away with his business card was ME!!!! Woo hoo!!! Just goes to show that the little skanky, skinny girls don’t always come out ahead — those of us who can carry a conversation sometimes get the guys, too!!! hee hee. Of course, my luck, he’s either gay, bi or confused (like a lot of men I seem to meet), but whatever — I got his number! I got his number!!! (*~doing Cabbage Patch Dance~*)

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